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TOA Password Series

combine cutting edge wireless technology with user benefits such as fast setup, simple operation, and reliable performance. The systems are frequency-agile with sixty-four user-selectable channels in the uncrowded UHF band (692 – 722 MHz) with simultaneous operation of up to sixteen systems.
The WT-4800 True Diversity Receiver has an on-board scanner and three squelch types, carrier, noise and tone-key, to ensure quiet, interference-free operation. Other receiver features include Antenna Loop outputs for antenna distribution for up to two additional receivers and a convenient Mix-In jack for connecting the audio output of a second WT-4800 or other source. Receiver options include the MB-WT1 and MB-WT2 Rack-Mount Kits for single or dual WT-4800 mounting in only one 19″ rack space, the WD-4800 Antenna Distributor and the YW-4500 Remote Antenna. Password transmitter options include the WM-4200 Handheld Microphone and the WM-4300 Lapel Microphone with Bodypack. Both offer ten hours of operation from one nine volt battery, low battery indication and adjustable sensitivity. The WM-4300 bodypack also has a recessed on/off switch to prevent accidental shut-off, a mini-XLR jack for alternative mic elements and rotatable lapel and bodypack clips for versatile mounting. Password Series wireless systems are FCC and UL listed and are backed by a two year warranty. Back To Top 


TOA mixers
TOA mixers and consoles are designed to provide reliability, faithful sound reproduction and the input/ouput flexibilty required for sound reinforcement. TOA’s rack mount mixers range from a 6-in 3-out platform in one rack space to an automatic mixer that can be linked to provide 80 inputs. TOA’s consoles feature straightforward layout of features for easy-to-learn operation. This makes them ideal in school auditoriums and other facilities where a sound professional is not always present during rehearsal and performance. TOA’s mixer line is optimized for specification and installation which makes TOA the contractor’s first choice.

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Signal Processors

The high performance characteristics of TOA’s signal processors are the result of leading edge design and precision craftsmanship. Heading up TOA’s family of signal processors is the DP-0206 Digital Signal Processor, the third generation of digital processors from the company that started the DSP revolution. Also featured is 1000 Series of unique, problem-solving signal processors, which includes a multi-channel monitor panel, a dual-channel leveler/limiter, a digital delay and a graphic equalizer. Alone or in combination, TOA’s family of signal processors provide straight-forward solutions to today’s sound reinforcement challenges. Back To Top g_dprocessor_trans



Amplifiers and Mixer Amps
The amplifier is the heart of any sound system. It must be strong, reliable, and able to resist the stresses that commonly cause failure – shorts, overloads, heat build-up and AC surges. TOA Mixer/Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers are built to deliver optimum MTBF (mean time between failure), resulting in the most reliable amplifiers in use today. TOA amplifiers are assembled with state-of-the-art surface mount technology and provide a wide range of models, performance ratings and operational features. The system designer has unparalleled flexibility at the initial phase of specification as well as when it is time for upgrades and expansion.

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TOA Speakers
Speaker Systems TOA designs and manufactures speaker systems and components for a wide variety of critical sound reinforcement applications. These include low frequency enclosures, woofers and subwoofers, uniform directive horns, high frequency compression drivers, processed speaker systems, stage speakers and monitors, foreground music speakers, paging horns, megaphones and ceiling speakers. Several of these models are also available in weather-resistant versions. Acoustical performance has always been the primary objective in TOA’s development of speaker components and systems. Sturdy construction, reliability, ease-of-use, and attractive appearance are also important features of all TOA’s acoustical products. Speaker Components TOA’s speaker components are the building blocks for superb speaker systems. The enclosures are rugged and durable yet lightweight for ease of handling in moving as well as installing. The woofers and subwoofers combine rigid, cast aluminum frames and powerful magnets with precisely aligned motor structures. High frequency compression drivers display smooth response over a wide range and are designed to dissipate heat evenly under extreme conditions. The horns are acoustically neutral with no resonances, yet are lightweight for ease of installation. The crossover networks feature optimized selections of slopes and frequencies for in-phase summation and natural reproduction. Back To Top
Intercom Systems
TOA Intercom Systems TOA’s new VS-900 Corporate Security Intercom as well as the IC-100 and EXES intercom systems are microprocessor-based and feature components designed to handle the critical needs of internal voice communications. All TOA Intercom Systems feature modular construction for easy installation, maintenance, and system expansion. An extensive set of optional functions allows customizing each installation to fit the exact needs of the user. TOA intercom systems keep regular phone lines free for external communications.

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